Studio Golo Brdo is situated on a hill previously called Gumila. It was a desolate place, a pile of stones. Stones were brought by local people in ancient times to mark a graveyard. Prehistoric tumbs were found on the site.

Gumila was a place where nobody wanted to go alone, especially in the night. Children were freightened with the place.

But it is precisely on that place that my father decided to build his Studio as a Center of Painting of all the Universe. His idea was perceived as crazy at that time, but lately people began to believe my father will do it.

In the 60-ies he started to build a small house on the already mentioned pile of stones. The small house looked more as a small desolated church on a hill than an artist studio. In the center of the building he placed a stone chair for the teacher with stone benches on the left and right side for the students.

Later he builded another, larger building that he now uses as his living and working space.

The small house Mala Gumila (Small Gumila) was given to me to use it as a studio. After finishing my MA in London I came back to Rovinjsko Selo and visited an exhibition in Sikuti, organized by the artist group Sikuti Machine. I was amazed by the speed with wich they did things, their cool way of solving problems and the complete lack of any institutional frame. It was a shock after the London chaotic experience.

I recognized the need to enrich the art scene of Istria and Croatia by beginning a new art project named Studio Golo Brdo. In the same time it would finally be the fulfillment of my father’s idea to establish an Art Centre on the lately renamed Naked Hill.

At that time I met Vladimir Živković from Berlin who was living in Rovinj in the summer season. He used to work for Ludwig (Ludwig Museums), and was his commissar for East European Art. In a discussion we soon agreed that it would be very possitive and needed to establish a gallery in the area of Rovinj. Vladimir Živković supported the project until his withdrawal in 2010 because of health reasons. His help and support was of great value!

The project started 22nd June, 2007 and is continuing successfully its activity until now….

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