The Prototype Artist in Residency Project, Studio Golo Brdo 2010

German artist Andreas Kiesling was searching for a place on Croatian coast from where he could defend his final paper on the Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle ( A friend of mine from the AVA Academy in Ljubljana gave him my number and he contacted me. We agreed he will come to my place in Rovinjsko Selo and stay there for some time ( We also agreed that we can name his lodging in my studio The Prototype Artist in Residency Project. He managed to realize his idea by installing his computer with internet connection on the island Banjole near Rovinj. In an almost two hour long session he discussed his ideas with professors and the numerous public gathered at the remote Academy.

At that time the idea of the Artist in Residency program as part of the Studio Golo Brdo project was already present. After almost five years of activity Studio Golo Brdo was on a turning point to continue or to end the project. The decision was to continue the activity, but with structural changes. I contacted the director of the Institute for Contemporary Art – Janka Vukmir, and we agreed to make a collaborative project. Giuliana Carbi from Trieste Contemporanea showed also interest in the project and a possible collaboration was agreed.

In 2012, the plan is to organize three exhibitions within the Studio Golo Brdo project and to start The Artist in Residency project by publishing an international open call with the intention to choose one artist for the residency.

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