Waiting for the elections – Ivan Šeremet

With his critical view of reality, Šeremet questions some common places of human nature, his attitude to reality, existence and spirituality. By spending his life of both man and artist in Slavonski Brod, a small town lacking a strong cultural scene like that of bigger cities where it can generate creativity by interaction alone, Šeremet creates his lonesome but quite unique artistic path. Perhaps his insistence to survive in such an environment resulted in Šeremet’s artistic expression being characterised by a tendency to explore and take brave steps aside from conventional expressive media.

His work is uncompromising in carrying out his ideas and shows a dose of social sarcasm while at the same time being permeated with deep humanity. Although he does not really have opportunity for concrete artistic dialogues in his environment, there are sincere conversations where the directness and transparency of human destinies surpass the artificial academic discussions.Šeremet has an excellent knowledge of life, which is the reason his art, in spite of a melancholic prefix, is so vital and free of any and particularly socio-political pathos immanent to contemporary western art.

Mladen Lučić, for the exhibition “Volim Brod” (I love Brod), Galerija Ružić, 2004


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