Aleksandar Garbin


Things – items that surround us in our everyday lives, items that occupy the spaces where we spend time. Items placed in our habitats according to our personal preferences can be called personal items. Kept on shelves, closets, tables, they preserve their identities and maintain the purpose they were created for, and, I’d say, through their shapes, colors and smells, they make a connection with us. And when the items were moved to the gallery space of Golo Brdo, their identities changed. They ceased to be personal items, the intimacy they had contained before the displacement vanished and they transformed into objects or exhibition items intended for viewing by a large gallery audience. The gallery work is titled “From potato to table lamp”. I was occupied by the act of selecting the items, but also by the way in which I would display them. I finally decided to arrange the items in a linear progression, similar to the Fibonnaci sequence in nature. Each of the exhibited items is elevated to the level corresponding to the height of the previous item. The linear progression formula is: = B + A = B + C = C + D = D + E.

Apart from the way in which the items would be arranged, I was also interested in the relationship these items would establish with the space surrounding them, i.e., their compatibility with the space of the gallery. The Mona Lisa under the thick security glazing would certainly look different if it was placed in an iron box.

A.G., August 16, 2013, Rovinj

*Fernando Pessoa ( Il poeta`e un fingitore SM. II. 107 )


Short biography:

A. Garbin graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan, Sculpture Department, in the class of prof. Marchese, Cavaliere and Fabro. His works were displayed in group and solo exhibitions in the country and abroad. Some of the works could have been seen recently in Lazareti and Otok gallery in Dubrovnik and ETIKArt in Rovinj.



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