Gjorgje Jovanovik

The Confession of a Cake Monster, performance

Is group therapy the only way of sharing our stories?
How are our obsessions formed?
“The Confession of a Cake Monster” is a performance where I share with the audience my obsession and passion for eating sweets. I also invite the audience to share their experience with eating sweets or to talk about some of their obsessions. This performance reveals the lost sincerity in communication among people.
The performance for the first time took place in Skopje, on June 26, 2008 and it is composed of three parts. In the first part I offered sweets to everyone in the audience.
In the second part while I was seating by a table and constantly eating sweets, there was a projection of a 15 minutes long film titled “The Confessions of a Cake Monster” The film reveals the story of all the happy and sad events of my life through the prism of my obsession.
In the third part of the performance as in group therapy sessions, I invited the audience to be honest and share their experience in sweets consumption or to talk about some of their obsessions


Gjorgje Jovanovik belongs to the young, innovative generation of Macedonia’s visual artists. Through his unique and inventive approach, his engaged, up-to-date and specific visual expression, Jovanovik pursues the spirit and the guts of the world’s art organism. His subtle outreach, which mostly tackles provocative and symbolic subjects, reflects the important, acute diseases of everyday life and it communicates, for the most part, to man and a sinner.
REDEFINING project is created out of several cycles whose common denominator is to engage in a funny, sarcastic, clear and precise play with human idiocies and weaknesses, events and details that form contemporary life. All these details are seen and interpreted by the author as the paradigm of the unconscious and its reflection in the mirror of human imprudence, inertia and stereotypes. These are art stories with frozen frames; the frames freeze on intriguing details that serve as starting points for Jovanovik’s development of a provocative tale.

Viktorija Vaseva Dimeska


Gjorgje Jovanovik (Skopje, 1980) In 2003 he graduated at the Department of Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, Macedonia.

In his recent work, the question of the integration and disintegration of the contemporary man has been his preoccupation. He re-examine interpersonal communication in the context of the general situation of redefining universal values, man-society relations, and consumerism as a key factor of modern life style, politics as a factor of disintegration of the cities, states, and families…Also, the element of self-reference is present – a re- examination of the self in inner or extensive contexts of decaying old, and creating new values. Using no limits in media he has worked on installations, performances, objects, videos, collages, and paintings in order to achieve a transformation of the artistic dimensions of his individual expression by following up the fluidity of the contemporary context.

He has realized several solo exhibitions in Macedonia and abroad. “Fragmented Archive of the Artist from the Country in Transition”, (MC Gallery, New York, 2010), “It’s Complicated”, ( Gallery Centrum, Graz, Austria, 2010), “An Off-Day for Mister Euzebio”, Skopje, 2008) “The Walk of Mister Chenk Through the Divided Continent”, (Skopje,2005) ctr.

He is an author of the following performances: ”The Confession of a Cake Monster” performed in New York, Vienna, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Prishtina and Skopje 2008-2012), “The Recession of the New Year’s Eve” (Skopje, 2008), “The Depression of the New Year’s Eve (Skopje, 2005), “Sales-man of Male Tears” (Skopje, 2006) ctr. He also took part in numerous group exhibitions, symposia, workshops and conferences in Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey , Austria, Italy, Netherlands, France, Spain, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Egypt , USA.

He has participated on several residency programs: 2013 TICA- Tirana Institute for Contemporary Art, 2012- Cité internationale des Arts, Paris, France, 2011- Watermill Centre, Long Island, New York and Apartment project, Istanbul, Turkey, 2010- ISCP New York and in Graz, Austria as a fellow of the program of the Cultural City Network.

For his practice, he has been awarded with the award for young visual artist “Denes” in 2009 the award for video at the international festival Alternative Film/Video in Belgrade in 2009 ,special award at the Akto Festival in Bitola, Macedonia in 2012 and the award of the 10 Biennial of Young Artist organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, Macedonia in 2013.





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