Mladen Stilinović

Applaud to yourselves, swans

You need to get closer to the painting to read the text. When you read the text, you don’t see the image. The connection between the image and the text – a riddle – nothing – nil – sometimes too much. In different directions. Imbalance. Swaying. White is eating out of my hand – I have tamed it. There you go – it could be pain – silence – wall – nothing – only background –infinite – here comes a swan – beauty. Hah hah hah.

Mladen Stilinović

Mladen Stilinović (born in Belgrade in 1947) is a Zagreb (Croatia) based artist. From 1969 to 1977 he worked with experimental film. He was a member of the Group of Six Artists (1975 – 1979). He ran the PM Gallery in Zagreb (1982 – 1991).
His works include collages, photographs, artist books, paintings, installations, actions, films and video. He has been exhibiting since 1974 in numerous solo and group shows.

Solo exhibitions (selected): Gallery Nova (Zagreb, 1976), Gallery SKC (Belgrade, 1976), Gallery of Contemporary Art (Zagreb, 1980), Small Gallery – Modern Art Museum, (Ljubljana, 1994), Glassstreet Gallery, Melbourne (2001), Museum of Contemporary Art (Zagreb 2003), Gallery SKUC (Ljubljana, 2005), Kunstverein (Graz, 2006), Kibla (Maribor, 2007), Platform Garanti (Istanbul, 2007), Vanabbe Museum (Eindhoven, 2008), Galerie in Taxis Palais (Innsbruck, 2008), Trafo (Budapest, 2008), Gallery P-74 (Ljubljana, 2009), Index Gallery (Stockholm, 2009), VOX (Montreal, 2010), E-flux (New York (2010), Museum of Modern Art (Warsaw, 2010), Sing!, Ludwig Museum (Budapest, 2011), Insulting Anarchy, Galerie Martin Janda (Wien), GB Agency (Paris, 2012), Zero for Conduct, Museum of Contemporary Art (Zagreb, 2012 – 2013).

Group exhibitions (selected): Biennale de Paris (1977), Works and Words, De Appel (Amsterdam, 1979), Sydney Biennale (1992 /93), After the Wall, Moderna Museet (Stockholm, 1999), Aspekte / Positionen, Museum moderner Kunst SLW (Wien, 1999), Blut und Hönig (Sammlung Essl (Klosternburg, 2003), In den Schluchten des Balkan, Kunsthalle Fridericianum (Kassel, 2003), 50 Biennale di Venezia, (2003), Sydney Biennale (2006), Documenta 12, Kassel (2007), As soon as I open my eyes I see a film, Museum of Modern art, Warsaw, 2008), U-Turn (Copenhagen, 2008), The Quick and the Dead, Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, 2009), Istanbul Biennale (2009), Promises of the Past, Centre Pompidou (Paris, 2010), You are kindly invited to attend, Kunstsaele (Berlin, 2010), Ostalgia, New Museum of Contemporary Art (New York, 2011), For You, Muzeum Sztuki (Lodz, 2012), How Much Fascism? BAK (Utrecht, 2012), Doing what you Want, Tensta konsthall (Stockholm, 2012), It may be that beauty has strengthened our resolve, Para Site (Hong Kong, 2013), One Step Forward, two Steps Back, Times Museum (Guangdong, 2013)





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