Dragana Sapanjoš

KaraOK. it obviously refers to karaoke, a music entertainment system in which amateur singers sing along with prerecorded music, but it is also a pun. the croatian translation of kara OK is: he is fucking you! OK then!

An elegant man with a hat, is sitting in front of the spectators, having his back to them. The remote control in his hand allows him to change a slide on the slide projector, trying desperately to catch the right moment at least once, the right sentence, perfectly in sync with the music. It’s absolutely impossible to sing the song in a right way. The song is Tainted love by Soft Cell. The prerecorded base of the song, with just the back vocals, is played in loop. All night long.

An Electric infrared lamp used usually for heating is always on, in the back of the slide-man.

Three microphones are at spectaros’ disposal. People can sing anytime they want to, and the slide man will try to synchronize the image with the sound just for them.


Dragana Sapanjos, 1979 – Croatia.
Graduated in 2004 at the Accademia di Belle Arti – Brera, Milan
Exhibits in solo and group shows since 1999. Lives and works in Milano and Novigrad.
contact: sapanjos.dragana@gmail.com




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