Zoran Pavelić

Photographic series ”Predstavljanje” is part of a work cycle ”Daily Arts”, made during November and December 2009. In that period, I took part in the work on the permanent collection of the new Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb as technical staff. During setting up of the collection, while having a work break, I secretly recorded myself  (with a camera set on automatic trigger) in the following situations: in a white working uniform, in a pose which doesn’t show my head, standing next to selected works, or holding a painting – a work in hand before its final set up.
In this action, in which time and place of happening are most important, it is about ”marking”, annotation, or about my meeting as an artists with the selected works from the collection. That subjective choice was also dictated by circumstances in which the recording took place.
”Predstavljanje” continues with a number of invisible actions/interventions, which I perform in galleries, museums and other primary and secondary institutions of culture, without audience and without the awareness of the official staff. Invisible actions put in the foreground a question of communication with artistic and cultural layers of heritage.

The series consists of 12 photographs (dimensions variable), presenting the works by Goran Trbuljak, Sanja Iveković, Joseph Beuys, Josip Stošić, Marijan Molnar, Milan Knižak, Ivan Posavec, Mladen Stilinović, Boris Cvjetanović, a work by the group Irwin, Julije Knifer, and a work by the group OHO.

Zoran Pavelić, 1961 born in Osijek, Baranja & Slavonija, Croatia
1988 do 1991 founder and member of informal art group Močvara / The Swamp / Baranja
1998 graduated painting at Akademy of Fine Arts, Zagreb
Member of Croatian Association of Visual Artists / HDLU, 1995
Member of Croatian Association of Independent Artists / ZSUH, 2000
Member of Artistic bord of the Baranja Art Collony / BUK / 2004/2010
Member of Artistic organization Atelieri Žitnjak, Zagreb, 2005
Member of Artistic bord Extended Media Gallery / PM Gallery, 2000 / 2007
Art director and member of Artistic group PLEH from 2007
Lives and works in Zagreb as independent artist, Atelieri Žitnjak, Žitnjak 53, 10000 Zagreb / Croatia – e-mail: zoran.pavelic1@zg.t-com.hr



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