Music video Bili cvitak (White Flower) is one the most-popular patriotic TV content that marked the 1990s in Croatia. The narrative of the song, as well as that of the music video, maybe best represents the dominant paradigm of gender roles of the war period but also develops the sexualised patriotic discourse about the motherland (homeland).

Video piece Bili cvitak, marks the beginning of work with patriotic pop video content, and it is a part of wider artistic research of the relationship of sexuality and nationalist political rhetoric. Playing with appropriated material trough slowing down, enlarging, superimposing onto other music, Fokus Grupa develops new narratives based on (possible) subtext of the appropriated footage. In attempt to understand and confront past and present, Kovač and Krstulović explore specific historic period, a recent history but also an inseparable part of current moment.

Fokus Grupa is an art collective based in Zagreb. Iva Kovac and Elvis Krstulovic work together from 2005 and from 2012 under the name Fokus Grupa. Their work is situated within the framework of post-conceptual art practices and their format is interdisciplinary; realized trough exhibitions, interventions in public space, publications, writings, lectures and discussions. Fokus Grupa works with and against the idea of the ‘political’ as well as ‘subjective’ in art and culture production. Understanding art production as materialist practice Kovač and Krstulović have investigated legal, economical and social (lack of) consequences of art production as well as ways in which politics (mis)appropriates and instrumentalizes emotions.




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