K14 – Zlatko Kopljar

In K14, the artist is still wearing the same luminescent suit, as he moves further out into the world, into Sopnica Jelkovec, a pre-constructed district of Zagreb that was originally slated to become an affordable housing area for young people. Over the years, the project passed through the hands of various property developers and political administrations, but it was eventually left unfinished. Currently, Sopnica Jelkovec is an ambiguous place; the flats that were built in the area were rented out at preferential rates to ethnic minorities and other groups of society that share little in common.

Lacking social infrastructure, and adequate public transport, the district remains isolated at the edge of the city. In the video, again filmed at night, the artist appears in these streets, wearing a conspicuous, light-giving suit. Bands of youths march by, two by two. Poetry of alienation and solitude is recited. Like a younger brother of James Lee Byars, the artist passes by, as if his presence could serve to illuminate the social questions raised by the new district. At the same time, the piece poses the enduring question of the artist’s function in today’s society. It is a question the artist continues to ask through the various forms he deploys, and he does so with dogged persistence.

In cooperation with: Director of photography: Boris Poljak; Poems by: Milos Djurdjevic; Poems read by: William Linn; Editing: Ana Stulina; Sound: Ivan Zelic; Costume design: Tonci Vladislavic; Production: Drugi plan

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