Fear – Tanja Dabo

photoseries, 42 photographs, work in progress, 2008.

The photoseries consists of a 42 photographs, each of them accompanied by one sentence about someone’s fear that she/he feels towards some other person. The series story begins with and from my fears towards some people with whom I’m closest to. I am, as a person, also a connection to every other person in this work. At the beginning I am in a fear from someone, than someone is in a fear from me, than my friend is in a fear from someone… and this uninterrupted chain is continuing by many new relationships that are based on a fear or that are mostly regulated by the emotion of fear.

The photoseries also begins with a self-portrait details, and continuing with photographs of people in a different everyday common situations. A body details, a silhouettes of unknown people, the out-of-focus portraits, a wide scenes in a public space with non-recognizable people… are always abstract enough so that any of us could be on the picture.

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