Bollocks – OPA

interactive video-installation, 2009

About the title:

Searching for the most appropriate English translation for the title of this work, in Macedonian named “Tashaci” (Ташаци) – a slang word for ‘testicles’ but also used as ‘getting nothing’ in colloquial speech (in the context of this work used as a metaphor of expectation, ignorance and arrogance), we found that the British ‘bollocks’ has the closest meaning to ‘tashaci’. Of course, we based our research on Internet resources and pages like or headlines like Balls, Nuts, or Testicles: A Guide to Proper Usage, but finally, a great discovery for us was learning about the British rhyming slang ‘Jackson Pollocks’ used with the same meaning as ‘bollocks’:”
Jackson Pollocks: British / Cockney rhyming slang based on the rhyme with bollocks, a slang term for the testicles.

Thus, besides referring to Art is always somewhere else, we dedicate this interactive video work to the great impact that Jackson Pollock has made on our society.

Short description:

While the audience is out, the video image shows two sitting figures. When the audience enters, the figures leave. The work is inspired by the great intruders (as a particular phenomenon of Macedonian societal life) and the phenomenon of a strong ‘gravitation’ into Macedonian cultural life (‘gravitation’ meaning ‘inertness’, ‘torpor’ and ‘motionless’).

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