Love Data – Shadow Casters

In the eve of the 10th anniversary of our joint work under the auspices of the artistic organisation Shadow Casters, we are launching a re- cycle of re-miniscences, re-capitulations, re-visions, perhaps even re-constructions. Without re-sentiment or re-grets. And, quite in the spirit of Shadow Casters, with no desire to petrify any Shadow Casters time-space slice within the frame of “official memory”. Instead, we are reaching for re-contextualisation of remembrance placing it into the actual space and moment, inhabited by the memory of this very place and the present moment of each of the visitors, here, at the Bare Hill studio, on the 14th day of the 8th month of the year 2010.

Hence Love Data travels from the departing station of speaking on Shadow Casters, via the station of speaking about you, all the way to the terminal station of speaking about us who make the community of this evening. Over 20 project in 24 cities realised with the help of more than 100 co-authors and collaborators from 16 countries – those are the co-ordinates of the journey that we will navigate together, reading the already drawn maps of Shadow Casters thus creating a new map – a map of this evening on Bare Hill. We wish to have a peek under the cloth covering the table of history and, crawling through the darkness of the under-table world, look for the fireflies that might help us shed some light on the role of love in the arts as well as in any other form of community nowadays. We will depart from the well-known meta-mathematical theoreme: Love is the only thing that is multiplied by division. We cannot say anything further, for our joint here and now is just about to begin.

Katarina Pejović and Boris Bakal


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