Ladislav Galeta

Galeta is linked to earth, not simply as an ecologically aware and engaged person, but as a being absolutely imbued in, and assimilated with nature. He cultivates land, digs, and weeds, prunes grape vine, bakes bread, cultivates plants without pesticides, and grows apples and garlic. Farming is an expression of his attitude, and not means of supporting himself. He was greatly influenced by Béla Hamvas, a Hungarian writer, philosopher and intellectual, whose observations and reflections covered surprisingly broad cultural thematic with an amazing depth. He translated Hamvas (Galeta is half Hungarian and speaks Hungarian), and Hamvas too cultivated land and pruned grape vine, as part of his life’s credo, not as profession. Hamvas wrote about these themes because in land, nature, and its fruits he saw the essence of existence. Or, both Hamvas’ writing and Galeta’s film works seem to be following the well known idea that ’Art is man added to nature’.


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