SPEECHES, permanent revolution – progettozero(+)

Radical political speeches mixed to an impro-noise live performance, sound installation – enviromental installation, performance (30′)

Serial project (performance or installation) that investigates the emotional component of the “speech” – the “public discourse”, the speech of an individual to a crowd – as one of the formulas of the relationship between mass and power.
The speech, which becomes an a-temporal and a-historical formula: a level that goes beyond the political contingency, leading to the symbolic power of language, the voice of the leader on the silence of the crowd.

Different “speeches” (from Castro (“Carta de Despedida del Che”) to Malcom X, from Hitler to Jesus (via Pasolini in “Vangelo Secondo Matteo”) mix in a impro-noise performance : a tension at the same time engaging and alienating, which plays on the dimension of the “politically” acting (in a wider sense, where every act, even  theoretical or cultural,  is “political” and has an influence on the community). This leads us to reflect on the tension to “act”, the emotional adherence to a “politically” act, in an ongoing game between anarchy and control.

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