TV News & Data Recovery – Dalibor Martinis

TV News 04. 09. 1974. video, color, 22 min.
Data Recovery*, 2009.

04. 09. 1974. Dalibor Martinis made a video „Still Life“ (b/w) showing a TV set broadcasting News. 35 years later the author produces TV News by reading the transcription of the text from the original text dated 4th of September 1974.

The „TV News“ belong to the present times by its technical and media characteristics, equipment, design and complementary informations (stock index, etc.). The content of the news only, comes from a time that doesn’t exist any more, social system and ideological complex that doesn’t exist any more and a state that doesn’t exist any more. Instead of explaining the historical time and space of this content we want to produce „ an appearance without context that fully coresponds with the real happening“ (Wallace Stevens). Data Recovery is a procedure of a partial retrieval of lost data from a contextless memory which gave them, a positive, social or other meaning previous to the loss.

As for the loss of computer data which is sometimes possible to save only partialy and scattered outside the original folders, this procedure is an attempt to recover a fraction of the action, event or situation that disappeared from our universal „memory loss“. It is important that such an event is not contextualized through historical interpretation and manipulation of lost meaning. The history is a continous series of confabulations, a spontaneous production of false memory.

In the society of the spectacle social relations are mediated by scenes. The individual becomes increasingly a spectator and less a participant in the event. In that case, does it matter at all which message is sent by the media? After all, they become history by the sole appearance on the screen.

Dalibor Martinis


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