Alen Floričić

We are well aware of the state in which the artist, as a subject with an irrepressible need for a creative rearrangement of reality, takes over his position, often frustrating, in the whole process of creation and social absorption of the work of art. As a matter of fact, in the modern conditions where the traditional direct relationship between art and public has been lost, this process greatly depends on the development of the artificial apparatus a society is capable of construing in order to support it. On the other hand, this system of superstructure in our modern conditions adopts its own creative characteristics and becomes almost a self-sufficient subject, acting not only as a catalyst in the process of connecting art and public, but giving this relationship whole new forms and sense in which the artist and the work of art (in the traditional sense) become objects (and as such simply changeable with other objects), while the social and other meanings are defined on higher instances of the system.

In such conditions a true artist cannot continue to defend his old creative positions and an adjustment to a new system becomes a precondition for the creation of any art which wants to keep being the answer to reality. My thoughts (or my intuitive feelings) were somewhere along these lines when I first merged the traditional creative subject (artist) and object (theme) in my works, and thus obtained some kind of embodied frustration as meaningful material which becomes work of art, in my case, through a markedly artificial system of editing structuring.

From the first video works along these lines, to the most recent done for the exhibition in the Studio Golo brdo (Bez naziva / No name No. 02/07), the changes in my work were mostly in the direction of strengthening the importance (or simply visibility) of the artificial structure (in that sense the figures are ever more often put before a neutral, leveled background) and cleaning, but by no means erasing, any reference to the physical reality.

A. Floričić, August 2007



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