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In K14, the artist is still wearing the same luminescent suit, as he moves further out into the world, into Sopnica Jelkovec, a pre-constructed district of Zagreb that was originally slated to become an affordable housing area for young people. Over the years, the project passed through the hands of various property developers and political administrations, but it was eventually left unfinished. Currently, Sopnica Jelkovec is an ambiguous place; the flats that were built in the area were rented out at preferential rates to ethnic minorities…

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interactive video-installation, 2009

About the title:

Searching for the most appropriate English translation for the title of this work, in Macedonian named “Tashaci” (Ташаци) – a slang word for ‘testicles’ but also used as ‘getting nothing’ in colloquial speech (in the context of this work used as a metaphor of expectation, ignorance and arrogance), we found that the British ‘bollocks’ has the closest meaning to ‘tashaci’. Of course, we based our research on Internet resources and pages like or…

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photoseries, 42 photographs, work in progress, 2008.

The photoseries consists of a 42 photographs, each of them accompanied by one sentence about someone’s fear that she/he feels towards some other person. The series story begins with and from my fears towards some people with whom I’m closest to. I am, as a person, also a connection to every other person in this work. At the beginning I am in a fear from someone, than someone is in a fear from me,…

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performance, 2011

Born in Prijepolje, Serbia, in 1956. Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina.





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Galeta is linked to earth, not simply as an ecologically aware and engaged person, but as a being absolutely imbued in, and assimilated with nature. He cultivates land, digs, and weeds, prunes grape vine, bakes bread, cultivates plants without pesticides, and grows apples and garlic. Farming is an expression of his attitude, and not means of supporting himself. He was greatly influenced by Béla Hamvas, a Hungarian writer, philosopher and intellectual, whose observations and reflections covered surprisingly broad cultural thematic…

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In the eve of the 10th anniversary of our joint work under the auspices of the artistic organisation Shadow Casters, we are launching a re- cycle of re-miniscences, re-capitulations, re-visions, perhaps even re-constructions. Without re-sentiment or re-grets. And, quite in the spirit of Shadow Casters, with no desire to petrify any Shadow Casters time-space slice within the frame of “official memory”. Instead, we are reaching for re-contextualisation of remembrance placing it into the actual space and moment, inhabited by the…

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Although academy-trained as painter and printmaker, Slaven Tolj, contemporary Dubrovnik, Croatian and internationally known artist, has developed his worldview and manner of action in opposition to the dominant but inert traditional models. Early on, immediately after his training at the end of the 1980s, he joined the artists of the New Artistic Practice, which in Croatia, as the heritage of avant-garde experiences and tendencies of the 20th century, has been present in all its media- and poetical diversity for some…

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Radical political speeches mixed to an impro-noise live performance, sound installation – enviromental installation, performance (30′)

Serial project (performance or installation) that investigates the emotional component of the “speech” - the ”public discourse”, the speech of an individual to a crowd - as one of the formulas of the relationship between mass and power.
The speech, which becomes an a-temporal and a-historical formula: a level that goes beyond the political contingency, leading to the symbolic power of language, the voice of the leader on the silence of the crowd.

Different ”speeches” (from Castro (“Carta de Despedida del Che”) to Malcom X, from Hitler to Jesus (via Pasolini in “Vangelo Secondo Matteo”) mix in a impro-noise

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TV News 04. 09. 1974. video, color, 22 min.
Data Recovery*, 2009.

04. 09. 1974. Dalibor Martinis made a video „Still Life“ (b/w) showing a TV set broadcasting News. 35 years later the author produces TV News by reading the transcription of the text from the original text dated 4th of September 1974.

The „TV News“ belong to the present times by its technical and media characteristics, equipment, design and complementary informations (stock index, etc.). The content of the news…

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Ivan Fiolić

The series of works made in 2005 for the pilot program of the Musem of Contemporary Art in Zagreb I made on wooden “boxes “ (120 x 130 x 10 cm) by improvising and defining one, in that moment, personaly relevant topic of personal or social nature and trying to interpret it using action characters, pearls, wire, wooden cubes and similar colorful forms and materials…

The figures of Terminator 3, Spartacus, Goofy, Uncle Scrooge and others are fighting…

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