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Restaging Monument

At Studio Golo Brdo Luiza Margan shows a continuation of her work on the role of public monuments, reconsidering the relationship between history and power embodied in them and their effect on everyday social interaction and language. Monuments are perceived to contain performative and discursive material.
Margan shows work that is related to her last project in public space “Eye to Eye with Freedom” that enabled the citizens of Rijeka to be lifted 22m high with a…

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Animal; beginnings

The exhibition Animal; beginnings marks the start of a project that explores the role that animals have in our society and of how we look at them and relate to them in our daily lives. The project explores the demarcation line between the natural and the constructed environment, as well as the romantic idea of representation in zoological and private gardens, and how it has evolved through history.

The subject of animals has been present since the very beginning…

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Things – items that surround us in our everyday lives, items that occupy the spaces where we spend time. Items placed in our habitats according to our personal preferences can be called personal items. Kept on shelves, closets, tables, they preserve their identities and maintain the purpose they were created for, and, I’d say, through their shapes, colors and smells, they make a connection with us. And when the items were moved to the gallery…

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The Confession of a Cake Monster, performance

Is group therapy the only way of sharing our stories?
How are our obsessions formed?
“The Confession of a Cake Monster” is a performance where I share with the audience my obsession and passion for eating sweets. I also invite the audience to share their experience with eating sweets or to talk about some of their obsessions. This performance reveals the lost sincerity in communication among people.
The performance for…

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Applaud to yourselves, swans

You need to get closer to the painting to read the text. When you read the text, you don’t see the image. The connection between the image and the text – a riddle – nothing – nil – sometimes too much. In different directions. Imbalance. Swaying. White is eating out of my hand – I have tamed it. There you go – it could be pain – silence – wall – nothing – only background –infinite

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KaraOK. it obviously refers to karaoke, a music entertainment system in which amateur singers sing along with prerecorded music, but it is also a pun. the croatian translation of kara OK is: he is fucking you! OK then!

An elegant man with a hat, is sitting in front of the spectators, having his back to them. The remote control in his hand allows him to change a slide on the slide projector, trying desperately to catch the right moment at…

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Photographic series ”Predstavljanje” is part of a work cycle ”Daily Arts”, made during November and December 2009. In that period, I took part in the work on the permanent collection of the new Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb as technical staff. During setting up of the collection, while having a work break, I secretly recorded myself  (with a camera set on automatic trigger) in the following situations: in a white working uniform, in a pose which doesn’t show my head,…

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Music video Bili cvitak (White Flower) is one the most-popular patriotic TV content that marked the 1990s in Croatia. The narrative of the song, as well as that of the music video, maybe best represents the dominant paradigm of gender roles of the war period but also develops the sexualised patriotic discourse about the motherland (homeland).

Video piece Bili cvitak, marks the beginning of work with patriotic pop video content, and it is a part of wider artistic research of…

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The action of collecting refundable litter under the title Working Day, took place in 2011 in Rijeka city centre, in the context of Dopust Festival. All approached trading chains apart from Getro, refused to support the action with a permission to record the return of litter in their centres.
Readymade series Our Beautuful Homeland (Croatian national anthem) consists of basic living products and foods, stolen in supermarkets. During the first exhibition of this work, one item was stolen…

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