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Izvučeni iz gomile: Decentralizacija slike i zvuka
Serijom novih radova pod nazivom Izvučeni iz gomile: Decentralizacija slike i zvuka Tea Hatadi premješta zvuk jednog javnog okupljanja zabilježen u Zagrebu i sliku Dalmatinskog motiva te ga postavlja u kontekst ruralnog Istarskog mjesta. Profile mogućih aktera javnog okupljanja traži u iskreiranim sjenama nasumično izabranog kamenja u dvorištu galerije dok motiv masline projiciran na stvarnu maslinu čini začudnu treću dimenziju. Dematerijalizacija i nova materijalizacija prepoznata u novom obliku kroz premiještanje slike i…

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Peter of the Tower

It is a difficult task to write about your own brother. How to put a deep perception and subjective emotions into objective words?

Petar Brajnović is unquestionably a special artist. What makes him special is his unconventional attitude toward work and absence of traits commonly found in contemporary artists, particularly in regard to communication with curators, art critics and galleries, as well as in documentation and presentation of his own work.
Petar’s art has mostly…

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Restaging Monument

At Studio Golo Brdo Luiza Margan shows a continuation of her work on the role of public monuments, reconsidering the relationship between history and power embodied in them and their effect on everyday social interaction and language. Monuments are perceived to contain performative and discursive material.
Margan shows work that is related to her last project in public space “Eye to Eye with Freedom” that enabled the citizens of Rijeka to be lifted 22m high with a…

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Animal; beginnings

The exhibition Animal; beginnings marks the start of a project that explores the role that animals have in our society and of how we look at them and relate to them in our daily lives. The project explores the demarcation line between the natural and the constructed environment, as well as the romantic idea of representation in zoological and private gardens, and how it has evolved through history.

The subject of animals has been present since the very beginning…

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